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Indochyne proudly supplies high-quality Hydroponics & Aquaponics equipment in the State of Qatar.


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Coco Coir Seedling Discs

Price QAR1.00
Availability: 90 In Stock

Coco coir growing media is made of 100% natural and eco-friendly seed-starting grow pellets, made from sustainable coconut fiber. You don’t need to have a green thumb to grow delicious fruits and vegetables with this potting soil. Easy to use nutrient rich grow discs are great for growing the perfect garden.

Smart Wifi Sockets (Android/iOS)

Price QAR100.00
Availability: 20 In Stock

COMPATIBILITY: Works well with Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen), Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo (2nd Gen), Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen), Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen); Google Home, Google Home Mini. Requires Android 4.4 or above & IOS 8 or above.

Digital Timer Socket

Price QAR60.00
Availability: 20 In Stock

Can be used for controlling lighting, heater, A/C, fans, lights, greenhouse growing lighting, humidifiers, nebulizers, flow pumps for aquaria, ventilators etc, turn any appliance into an auto-timed product.

Growlights with Stand and Remote

Price QAR220.00
Availability: 2 In Stock

If you are looking for a full spectrum can be used for indoor plants all growth period, can be easily setup& use, supports smart auto ON/OFF timing & more dimming levels choice, dual control by push button & remote control, plus tall steady extra thicken floor tripod stand, moreover can last for years of use without needs to buy replacement bulbs. Our LED plant grow light will be your perfect choice!

Availability: Out of stock

Bring the magic of gardening into your home all year round with our indoor hydroponic garden perfect having fresh herbs right at your kitchen table.

  • 104 Full Spectrum 40W LED Growlight
  • Automatic On/Off
  • Low Water Warning
  • 3 Lighting Modes

Tank Capacity: 3.5L

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