Suppresses the growth of plant disease-causing fungus.

Produces plant growth-promoting substances like IAA, GA, amino acids, and vitamins.

Improves the organic content and microbial population of the soil encouraging faster root growth for water and nutrient uptake thus accelerating plant growth and seed formation.

Increases drought tolerance.

Where to Use-

Suitable for all crop-vegetables, fruits, plantation crops, cereals ornamental plants, etc.

How often to apply -

As and when needed based on the symptoms.

Overview Tips -

100% biological origin and environment friendly.

Harmless to humans and livestock. Usage results in increased seed germination, root, and shoot length.

Storage Conditions -

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Store separately from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Cautions -

  • Do not mix with chemical fertilizers and Pesticides.
  • Do not use chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides before or after the use of this product
  • Sufficient moisture must be ensured before application for the effectiveness of this product.
  • Use protective gloves and face mask during handling of the product.
  • Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes.
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