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Aquabizz Provides High-Quality Hydroponic And Aquaponic Equipment And Accessories in Qatar from top manufacturers in Asia and beyond for Qatar's booming agricultural sector.

With a knack for world-class quality and reliability, Aquabizz products meet the highest standards of precision and durability to complement the growing demand for Sustainable Agriculture Solutions in the Middle East as a whole.

As Qatar gears up for the future, there is a significant increase in the production of food locally. In this light, Aquabizz seeks to bridge the gap by providing high-quality equipment and services to the agricultural industry to complement the excellent efforts taking place towards Qatar's food independence.

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Pruning shears, also called hand pruners (in American English), or secateurs (in British English), are a type of scissors for use on plants. They are strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs, sometimes up to two centimetres thick. They are used in gardening, arboriculture, plant nursery works, farming, flower arranging, and nature conservation, where fine-scale habitat management is required.

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Test pH, EC, TDS & Temperature with this 4 in 1 portable tester. Ideal for testing applications such as hydroponics & gardening, pools & spas, aquariums & reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water, boilers, and more.

The display supports backlight and data hold.

Battery Not Included.

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ag.leaves provides strawberry gutter Strengthener Covers to be used in aquaponic and hydroponic farming setups in Qatar in two different sizes all with all the necessary accessories to start growing your very own strawberries.

Strengthener Covers are used once for every 2 meters of the strawberry gutter to maintain the strength and integrity of the gutter under load.

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