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Grow Bags

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A grow bag is a large plastic bag filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants, usually tomatoes or other salad crops.

Planting is undertaken by first laying the bag flat on the floor or bench of the growing area, then cutting access holes in the uppermost surface, into which the plants are inserted.

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This 4-in-1 soil survey instrument can test moisture, pH value, temperature and sunlight intensity via a 200mm (8in) probe and a light sensor.

The unit can easily display various readings with the large LCD screen, both day and night.

Additionally, the unit offers a low battery indicator and an auto power off function.

The instrument is a high efficient product and is energy-saving. It ensures and maintains the health and quality of your greenery.

Batteries Not Included.

Coco Peat Block

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Natural soil conditioner enriches the soils in your garden with the coco garden coco peat block. If gardening is a hobby of yours and you spend a lot of time tending to your plants, then this block is a must-have. Weighing 4.5kg, this coco peat block provides just the right amount of a 100 percent natural product, which is useful for healthy plant growth. All you have to do to use this soil conditioner is place it in a bucket and add about 22 to 25 liters of water. Then simply wait until the block expands and slowly stir it until the soil loosens. 

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  • Heavy-duty weatherproof construction
  • Run time from 1-240 minutes (4 hours)
  • Intervals from every 6 hours to once every 7 days
  • Manual override switch to keep programming and allow flexible Manual watering
  • Saves water in drought conditions

Potato Buckets

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ag.leaves provides high-quality potato planting buckets for farms, nurseries, home gardens, etc. These pots are suitable to grow most root vegetables like Potatoes, Radishes, etc.

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This fly catcher a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe new fly trap. It is easy to operate, easy to understand, and can trap and kill up to 20,000 flies and mosquitos. Its principle is to use food bait to lure flies and mosquitos and trap the insects in the cage that these insects cannot escape.

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