This substrate for Landscaping is an organic growth medium amended with slow-releasing fertilizers that releases nutrients to plants slowly over time giving the benefit that the plants don't receive toxic amounts of fertilizers all at once. With this substrate steady supply of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium is available to your plants all season long which are the main ingredient in Coco Substrate.

  • Coco peat provides the plants easy porosity for growing roots.
  • Coco peat restructures the soil and helps to retain moisture in garden/nursery beds.
  • Frequency of watering is reduced.
  • Coco peat extends the life of compost.
  • Natural composition of lignins encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • How to Use - Sprinkle Coco Substrate evenly over the raised bed/ Mixed with Manure according to Pit Size.

Water thoroughly.

Where to Use-

Vegetable cultivation, Landscaping and Gardening, Flowers and Lawns, Fruits Trees & Dates Palm.

Where Not to Use -

Can Use Everywhere

How Often to Use -

3 Month Intervals

Guarantee -

100% Organic, Weeds Free & Heat Treated

Plant Name

Mixing Depth

Pit Size

% of Substrate


Palms 40cm 2x2m 15% 240
Trees 40cm 1.5x1.5m 10% 90
Large Shrubs 30cm 1x2m 10% 60
Small Shrubs 30cm 1x1m 10% 30
Hedge Plants 20cm 1x1m 10% 20
Ground Cover 20cm 1x1m 10% 20
Lawn 20cm 1x1m 10% 20
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