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NUTRIENT RICH COCONUT POTTING SOIL DISCS - Made with pH balanced materials, these organic coconut coir seed pellets is not only a better alternative to traditional potting soil but you can add it to peat moss as well for extra rich. Can be added directly into planter or garden, leaving roots intact and avoiding transplant shock. Small and light, the discs are easy and quick to put in the pots to grow the perfect garden.

IDEAL POTTING SOIL FOR GROWING HERBS AND MICROGREENS - Coir potting soil is the preferred choice of growing media to grow vegetables - tomato, cucumber, peppers, ginger, turmeric and other veggies. Microgreens and fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, mint and cilantro are grown in coir potting mix. Coir growing media is also ideal to grow succulents, flower plants like amaryllis and used in landscaping and golf courses.

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